Collin: Gobbler #1

We waited about half an hour and quietly got out of the Double Bull Blind. Collin’s arrow lay on the ground and he went to it. There were feathers on it but only a few specs of blood.

We walked the short distance to the edge of the woods where the gobbler had gone.  I ran the video camera and Collin turned in the direction the gobbler had gone.

“Here he is!” Collin said. And he held the longbeard Osceola up.

Collin had his first part of a Grand Slam, the Florida Osceola. We took some pics.

Here is Collin and myself with his fine longbeard Osceola gobbler, taken on Day 2 of our Florida bowhunt with David Mills.

After the pictures were taken I got my truck and we loaded up our gear and Collin’s gobbler and returned to the lodge.

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One Response to "Collin: Gobbler #1"

  1. Zano   2011/03/17 at 6:41 pm

    Attaboy Collin, nice shot and nice gobbler!

    TROPHY PHOTO TIP #1: Now, in future trophy photos, don’t pull the brim of your cap down low over your eyes like that! Lift it up and let the natural (and flash) light in on your face! ;^)