Arrowmat™ Brings Lasting Target Faces to BHN

Arrowmat's long-lasting, graphic faces are fun for the entire family.

The Arrowmat™ is a patent pending concept in replaceable targets invented by Blair Acker who, like most archers, got tired of shooting dull targets that needed frequent replacement.

Super tough close foam with self healing neoprene facing means hundreds of arrows for months of shooting.

Arrowmat Archery Targets are made of a heavy duty, closed foam rubber material with a tough, self healing neoprene face that features an array of eye-catching graphics. Each target face is 17″ x 17″, weighs 13 ounces and features four metal grommets for easy mounting to any standard foam target or other backstop material capable of safely stopping an arrow. Each Arrowmat Target face is light weight and is simply rolled up for transport or storage.

The Arrowmat product line consists of nine different targets segmented into three different categories: Arrowmat™ ‘Competition Series’, ‘Wildlife Game Series’ and the ‘Just For Fun Series’. New product research and development is ongoing with new and exciting designs coming soon.

Why Shoot Boring? – Shoot Arrowmat!™

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