Alabama Gobbler Hunt

I pointed the BowMobile toward Alabama when we left Florida last week. A Facebook friend, Shane Simpson, invited Collin and I to hunt gobblers at Fort Benning on the Alabama side.

We met Shane’s brother Troy and his two sons, Dylan and Sebastian, and they took us to the base hunt headquarters to get the appropriate passes and documentation. Then Troy showed us around our hunting area.

Afterward he invited us over for dinner and we did not pass up the opportunity for a home cooked meal. Dinner was good and Troy’s family is very nice.

Then we drove to the motel and got some sleep. At 5:15 AM the alarm sounded off and our first Alabama turkey hunting day began.

The woods is a mixture of tall pine trees and varying amounts of underbrush. A creek with water winds through the woods and a finger of water from a lake is the Western border.

Troy and the boys went to an area they are familiar with. Collin and I walked, stopped, listened, called, and meandered through the woods. We heard two distant gobbles during the first half hour. They were probably out beyond the finger of water.

The weather report predicted rain this morning but it was only a couple of brief showers. But that rain apparently woke up the Alabama mosquitoes because they showed up right afterward. We stopped and sat on the trunk of a large downed tree to listen for gobblers and I turned on my mosquito fighting ThermaCELL. In two minutes all the pesky mosquitoes left our immediate area.

At 11:00 we met Troy. He had heard the same gobbles we had. Next Collin and I ate lunch at an Applebee’s and returned to the motel to do some catching up and get this hunt report out. In 30 minutes we’ll better back out and see what happens in the Fort Benning turkey woods.

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