Alabama 2nd Turkey Hunt


We met Troy Simpson and his sons and he took us to the hunting area where we had been this morning. Our map showed a woods road that ran parallel to the long finger of water I mentioned before. Collin and I followed the road to the end and then waited an hour and listened for gobbler or hen yelps.

Near the water, the place was alive with a healthy herd of mosquitoes and I got out my ThermaCELL and set it between us on the big downed tree we were setting on. So if you have ever wondered if the ThermaCELL would work outdoors, we can guarantee you it does. In a minute they were gone. However, we didn’t hear any turkeys.

Front: Sebastien and Troy Simpson. Back: Dylan Simpson and Robert Hoague.

When the sun was low in the sky we started back. We took our time and called every 100 yards. Again, no turkeys happened and we waited and listened when we got to my truck.

Troy drove up just before dark and we followed him to his home for dinner with his family. Celine, his wife, had fried and baked pork chops. They were so tender you didn’t need a knife to eat them. Plus they were delicious. Celine is a really good cook.

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