Aerovane Fletching Jig

The incredibly precise and accurate Aerovane fletching jig is a remarkable unit that is CNC machined from high grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel and held to the absolute closest tolerances. The Aerovane is designed to work with most clamps available today, that utilize a standard magnetic holding system for helical and straight systems.

High-Tech Aerovane Fletching Jig from Firenock

The accessories are all precision made and include 303 Stainless Steel Clamp, Laser Alignment Module, four-axis adjustable neck and interchangeable chuck and hook system for fletching all sizes of shafts. The jig and accessories are all sold separately however there is also a kit available that includes three sets of chucks, laser alignment module, jig base, the adjustable four-axis neck and 3 clamps.

The Aerovane Jig’s index is made of titanium hard coated CNC aluminum matted with an ABEC#5 ceramic ball bearing for perfect alignment and smoothness. The matched support hook also features 2 ball bearings which allowing the arrow to be fully supported for smooth operation. To further secure the arrow shaft in place, the Aerovane Jig utilizes a triple O-rings plus a special wedge design to ensure perfect arrow holding while fletching. The duel magnet design also allows precision angle adjustment. Each magnet is supported by independent 1mm per turn brass machine screw that can be tightened by hand for fine adjustment and then locked down using an Allen key.

The Aerovane Fletching Jig also features 4 interchangeable chucks and hooks that assist in obtaining perfect arrow alignment on the jig. The interchangeable chuck sets are machine tapered to provide zero play. The ball bearing arrow support hooks are color-coded to match with same color-coded size of Firenock Extreme shock end caps for easy size identifications. Firenock also offers a total of 3+1 sizes to fit most archery shafts.

(Picture below shows the 3 fix sizes chuck in gold for 0.297 – 0.303”(common bolts, 22 size, Firenock C,D,F,and V style), black for 0.240 – 0.248”(Goldtip, Carbon Express, Firenock S style), red for 0.200 – to 0.205”(Axis, Trophy Ridge, Firenock A style). The fix size chucks are made 303 stainless with 3 set of O-ring for perfect alignment and solid grabbing of arrows. For those who wanted maximum flexibility an adjustable chuck and hook system which will be available as an option to cover 0.115″ to 0.667″ by end of first quarter of 2011.)

The Aerovane Clamp:
The Aerovane clamp is precision made of die cast then machined 303 stainless steel with a straightness up to 0.001″. The pivot point utilizes a zirconium ceramic ball bearing for smoothness, durability and resistance to moisture (rust). The extra thick spring system with self alignment capability on any vane provides a consistent hold regardless of the vane. The clamp is also made shorter to better fit today’s popular shorter vane, but can still fletch vanes as long as 3.75”. In addition, while Firenock does not make a helical clamp specific to the Aerovane Jig it is compatible with most magnetic base clamps including Bitzenburger, Grayling, Martin and others.

Perfect fletching:
The Aerovane Laser Alignment modules were developed to make refletching a single vane with perfect alignment simple and fool-proof. This high power 635 mm laser with 75 degree thin spread optics is made to produce a thin width line laser up to 265 mm long. The difference of the 2 laser modules are the optics that each uses. The high precision 3 lens optics system has a final line with of 0.55 – 0.75mm while the $99.95 standard single lens optic has a line width of 1.0 – 1.25 mm. The Aerovane Laser modules are mounted approx. 75 mm above the Aerovane Jig’s chuck via the 2 mounting holes and locked down with 2 brass thumb knobs screws. The Laser line spans from the base of the clamp alignment line to the valley of the hook set at the top of the jig. With the Laser Alignment tools, one can achieve exact, precise alignment from a perfect center line. The laser line is visible between the clamp and on the vane when it is in perfect alignment.

High Portability:
Firenock will offer the Aerovane Jig in two complete packages which includes the Aerovane Jig, Aerovane Clamp, Aerovane Glue, 3+1 sets of chuck and V-notch combinations, 4 axis fully adjustable neck, base in two models of dual compartment Carrying Cases. Both also feature extra space for acetone. Each Carry Case provides protection for each part so you can take your Aerovane Fletching Jig and components with you on the road.

FOR VIDEO: Aerovane Fletching Jig

For more information on the Aerovane Fletching Jig, AeroVanes or Firenocks go to:  Firenock

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  1. Rennie Edmunds   2012/03/16 at 12:52 pm

    I have an archery shop DRBS Archery and have business from 4 states because I take time to tune any bow as close to perfect as God allows. I make custom strings and make arrows to desire by expected request. I mostly use Bitzenburger fletchers as they seem to make the best quality, this sounds over the top and I just stumbled accross it. I want to know as much as I need to know as I fletch many different arrows but have always thought that there had to be a more accurate solution. This seems to be my answer, but I have many questions. Please send me everything you can as to the versatility of this fletcher as I am extremely interested!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You,
    allxrings (Rennie Edmunds)
    805 Pinecrest Road
    Sylacauga, Alabama 35150

  2. Rennie Edmunds   2012/03/16 at 12:56 pm

    Please read comments above

  3. Rich Walton   2012/03/19 at 10:32 am

    I’ve known the owner, Dorge O’Huang for a few years now and admired his products. The one word I can use to describe him is simply ‘brilliant’. Everything he does stresses engineering perfection. If you want ‘exact’ and ‘precise’ then I suggest whatever the product, look for it to come from Firenocks. This particular product – the Aerovane Jig is absolutely the best, most precise fletching jig available, period.