I said I wouldn’t, and I know I shouldn’t hunt this afternoon, but I am. (Heck, changing my mind doesn’t make me all bad.)

Two button bucks came to the plot. And their are 3 does between me and the 120. The 3 does walked over here.

And a big doe came from the gulch and ran the 3 does away. I can still see them browsing around in the trees to the north.

The chaser doe scooped up the button buck and took him to the trees along the gulch. The button is browsing but the big doe seems to be waiting. Hmmmm – a buck just chased some does around in the 120. I saw 5 flags go up.

Now a doe is standing in some trees on the hill looking the area over. The doe came down the hill and anther doe followed. They came over where I am. A buck came around my blind on the right and worried the does.

Here come more does.

A buck came out of the gully and stood out past the perimiter of the food plot and looked the does over.

The does got nervous and left except for one bus doe. It started to leave too but the buck left and the doe stopped … and turned broadside … 12 yards away. I drew, aimed carefully, and. took my shot. I saw the doe go down a little ways into the woods.

Robbie came in from his hunt. He zipped. We recovered my doe and took a pic. My neighbor Perry Wicker came over and we field dressed the doe and Perry butchered it.

This deer season was one of the best. I tried for an elusive buck and just didn’t get him in my sub 20 yard range. And passed on Number 9 and other promising bucks that will be even larger next year.


  • A game camera is a super way to check out an area to see if it will be good to hunt. The last month I used the SpyPoint IR-6 and I can’t brag on it enough. It kept me posted on the buck activity in the area, day and night.
  • I used a BowTech 82 Airborne set at 62 pounds. It has a 2 1/2 year history of harvesting gobblers, wild hogs, bear and deer.
  • My broadhead was the Grim Reaper 2″ cut RazorCut broadhead. It put the doe down fast as well as close. GRIM REAPER Broadheads
  • The fletching is florescent yellow Gateway feathers on yellow wraps from EZ-Eye. I fletched them myself with the Arizona EZ Mini Fletch.
  • The bright green top pin of my Cobra BoomSlang bowsight was easy to get on target.Cobra Archery
  • The peep sight is a Whisper Peep from Loc-A-Peep and is the best peepsight I have ever used.  LOC A PEEP
  • My smooth shooting Fletch Hook from Jim Fletcher Archery sent my arrow on the way exactly when and where I wanted it to. Jim Fletcher Archery
  • My arrow rest is the Alpine WhisperFlite designed today’s for speed bows. Accccurate. Quiet. Gets out of the way at light speed. I like it better than any rest I’ve ever used. Alpine Archery. Alpine
  • Scent control is a big deal to me and I knocked my scent out by washing my hunting clothes as well as myself with Scent Killer products.

2 Responses to "Finished"

  1. Collin Cottrell   2011/02/09 at 5:08 am

    You had a heck of a season Robert, thanks for sharing with all of us! Cannot wait to see the growth of these bucks for next year!

  2. Zano   2011/02/10 at 8:06 pm

    Well bud, looks like we shared the same season…. again. That’s OK, it’s just like catch & release! Next season… no release for either of us. I hope. ;^)