HYPER Synthetic Deer Scents

From: Brian Johansen

Buck Stop has been providing quality scents and lures to hunters for 58 years. After testing many different formulas under extreme hunting conditions, Buck Stop has developed 3 highly effective synthetic deer scents. The HYPER Synthetic line is 100% synthetic scent formulas designed to work during different phases of the hunting season.

The HYPER Pre-Rut formula works all season long. It can be used as a cover-up scent or as an attractant.

The HYPER Rut formula is designed to appeal to the mature bucks. Best used in mock or natural scrapes.

The HYPER Estrus formula is highly effective on all bucks during the breeding phase of the rut.

Buck Stop unveiled the NEW product line at the 2011 ATA show in Indianapolis, IN in January along with the SHOT show in Las Vegas, NV.

The HYPER product line will MSRP at $6.95 for the 4 ounce clam shelled package, with a FREE scent wick.

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