AirLite Chestpod

The sun’s tipping toward the west and you’re hoping to fill your tag before last light. You spot a dozen cow elk and are scanning the treeline for the bull. Before you find him, how many times will you raise and lower your optics to give your arms a rest … tipping off those elk to your position?

If only you had the Airlite chestpod, you could use your eyes, not your arms. This clever new tool from Pintler Mfg. Inc. makes glassing much easier for the big game hunter by taking the strain out of lengthy binocular use. The collapsible AirLite is fast, easy to use and quiet.

New chestpod relieves arm strain for binocular users.

As its name suggests, the AirLite chestpod is light. Weighing in at 5oz., it is barely noticeable, but it gives the user tremendous relief from holding optics for any length of time. It also steadies the view, helping the hunter see more animals while minimizing movement. With the unique flexible head and height adjustment in the strap, the AirLite eliminates any knobs, screws or levers, but still allows a full range of motion with simple, fluid, silent adjustments. It is built of Easton aluminum and industrial grade plastic, and all parts are machined for a precise fit. Shock cording allows the chestpod to collapse to about 8 inches long.

Easily holds binos in place by the adjustable rod...
or stress free hands.

In addition to binoculars, the AirLite chestpod works for camcorders and cameras, making it a great all-around tool for those who wish to film their hunts. It is as easy as slipping your binoculars off the chestpod and slipping a camcorder on.

The AirLite is a handy, ‘Go anywhere’ tool for hunters that makes long term glassing much easier and more productive. As an added bonus, the product is American-made in Richland, Miss.

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