Day 2 was a Blast at the ATA

It was great to meet Jim Shockey

Day two started with breakfast in the hotel and a quick walk to the convention center. I met Collin at the entrance and we were off doing interviews for Bowhunting.Net. A great part about being at the ATA is the people you get to meet. The problem is time is limited and a person does not know fast it goes until it is announced over the speakers that the show will be closing in ten minutes and you wonder where the day went.

My experiences have been awesome so far with one more day to go. I have been able to gain more knowledge about a sport and industry I truly love. Being here and having the passion for this sport I feel very lucky  to be able to see the new products coming out, which only makes me dream of an April turkey hunt and a spring bear hunt to kick off 2011. I do know I will be shooting my new pimped out BowTech Invasion and a Wac’em tipped Victory VAP. With maybe a few other items that caught my eye.

As for people here at the ATA there are so many genuine people here. Anthony Dixon and Shawn Monsen of Full Moon Production, Haley Heath and G.O., and Jim Shockey are just a few examples of the good people in this bowhunting world where we are all called friends.