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Recently BowTech introduced a new bow which is aptly named the Assassin and equipped it with their new R.A.K. system. R.A.K. stands for Ready, Aim, Kill and that’s what this bow was designed to do. If you’re like me when you get a new bow you have to install the arrow rest, stabilizer, sight, peep, string loop and quiver. This exercise is fun but it can be a pain. The R.A.K. system eliminates this often frustrating experience. This bow is ready to use, shoot and kill.

The Assassin - Lives up to it's name

The Assassin comes with many of the features that BowTech has used in the past and have proven to be welcome additions to any bow. The InVelvet ™ finish is soft to the touch and durable. My Destroyer 350 has it and it stood up to a lot of use and abuse this past hunting season and shows virtually no wear.

If it’s a BowTech then you know it is made with the Binary Cam System, which allows for up to 6” of draw length adjustment without changing modules. The binary cams rotate in perfect synchronization eliminating cam timing concerns. Couple this with the infinite draw stop adjustment feature and you can adjust the draw length to your precise preference.

The Assassin also features the Hardcore Limbs ™ which BowTech introduced in 2010. They are made 7 layers of material that store energy throughout the limb. Tough and efficient would be a good way to describe them.

This bow is light (3.8 pounds) and I was concerned that would be a negative since I like my bows a little on the heavy side. My concerns were erased after I shot the bow. Arrow grouping was very good. Hand shock was not noticeable and the feel of the grip in my hand was nice.

So what is the R.A.K. system? Simply put it means you can buy the bow do a little tuning of the sight and rest and go hunting. What’s in the system -everything. It contains a 4-pin TruGlo Apex sight. As a side note, the sight does not have a red pin in it. You may already know that red is the first color you lose in dim lighting, so that is a welcome change. Also included is a 1-piece 5-arrow Arrow Ultra-Lite quiver, an Octane Hostage XL arrow rest, 4” light stabilizer, Comfort Wrist Sling (which I really liked), alloy peep, and Dura-Fix string dampening components. The bow comes with Octane bowstrings which are hand made from Gore material and are pre-stretched. A string loop is installed at the factory as is the peep. I told you it was ready to use.

The Assassin is entitled to be labeled a speed bow. The bow I tested was the 60# model. I have a short draw length only 26”. Shooting 340 grain arrows it tripped the chronograph at 273 FPS. I normally shoot 51# and still achieved 253 FPS.

The bottom line is if you or someone you know is just getting into archery or doesn’t like to mess around with setting up a bow and/or isn’t mechanically inclined, this is the bow to consider. Try it at your local pro shop; I think you’ll like it as much as I did.

  • Brace height  7”
  • IBO speed 333 @ 29”, 70#
  • Draw weight – 50, 60, 70
  • Effective let-off – 65-80%
  • Kinetic energy – 88.20 ft.-lbs.
  • Axle to axle – 30 5/8”
  • MSRP – $649

Visit their website at or shop at Amazon below!

14 Responses to "BowTech Assassin"

  1. Rick Philippi   2010/12/13 at 1:26 am

    great article Roy, I have heard nothing but great things about the assassin. Thanks for the update.

  2. mike   2010/12/20 at 1:15 am

    Incredible bow, very smooth, very quiet, and incredibly fast, I’m at 54#’s and tipping the chrony at 267 fps. Great grouping and just alot of fun, very comfortable to shoot!!

  3. Justin Muny0on   2010/12/22 at 1:06 am

    Good review, but there is one thing wrong, the Assassin doesn’t have the Hardcore limbs, the only 2011 bows featuring these are the Specialist, Destroyer 350 and 340, and the Invasion ( I’m guessing).

  4. matt   2010/12/22 at 2:32 pm

    I bought the bow 10 days ago, I have it at 70# with a 25.75″ arrows and 100grain tipped maximas, I was hitting 309 fps and it felt great, flat shooting, first new bow in 10 years, and definetly a good deal on the bow. I replaced the rest with a ripcorp off my old bow.

    • brian   2010/12/31 at 6:01 pm

      hey matt, thanks for the info, but i was just wondering what is your draw length, cuz if u shoot 25 3/4″ arrows, its gotta be rather short. thanks.

  5. Russ   2010/12/24 at 1:25 am

    I bought an Assassin about 3 weeks ago.I am just getting back into bowhunting after a long hiatus. I have been hunting with an Excalibur Vortec crossbow for a year, and a rifle for 35 years prior to that. I shot 3 deer with my recurve in High school. I started shooting my sons Diamond Rock a couple of months ago. I just love the fact that the muzzle flash and big bang are gone. Needless to say I got the fever again. The Assassin was perfect for someone getting into or returning to bow hunting. The RAC is great. All good quality hardware to get you started. After setting up my pins for 20 and 30 yards, I was shooting all bulls in short time at 20. After 300 or so arrows I am consistantly shooting bulls at 30 yards. We really like my sons Rock but this bow is a step up from that. Quieter and smoother.Acuracy is awesome on both bows. I would recomend the Assassin to a freind in a minute. I sat down and added up the cost of all the extras in the RAK set up and even using online discount prices listed for the RAK items you end up getting this bow for a rediculously low price. Just a little over $425. I don’t think you can find a bow any where near this quality for under $650 stripped. And everything is already mounted perfectly at the factory.

  6. Collin Cottrell   2010/12/24 at 5:56 am

    Thanks for the insight Russ. Welcome back to bowhunting also! Be sure to email me your success photos down the road! Take care

  7. Roy Keefer   2011/01/22 at 6:47 am

    Glad you guys like the Assassin. It’s a quality product and the price is hard to beat.

  8. Russ Johnson   2011/01/29 at 4:36 pm

    Well, Ive had my Assassin for about 2 months now. I am an avid Hunter, so when I decided to take up Bow Hunting again, I jumped in with both feet. I shot alot of Archery as a kid in the YMCA. I shot competitions and went to Arcery Camp Etc. Coming back 40 years later it is like learning a new language. The Compound Bow is very different but the basic Geometry is the same. The Assassin came with the RAK pack, and the Dealer set it up for my Draw length and Draw weight. They even went as far as paper testing it. I have shot probably about 2000 arrows now, and I am more happy with my purchase then ever. Me being the Hunting equipment Junkie that I am, I have started upgrading some items. This, by the way is purely unneccisary. I was hitting Bull Eyes at 40 yards every time with the RAK stuff. I am self schooling myself on compound bows with a great deal of success. I mounted my own Axcel Armortech 4 pin sight and Tri Van Pro Vanishing Rest and replaced my nock loop (old one wore out at about 1800 shots) on my own. The Blogs are a great source of info. BowTech really simplified the way for me coming back into Archery with this set up. I do not want to run out and buy a new bow now that I kind of know whats going on. Even the displaced RAK items have gone to good use. My son jumped on the Apex sight for his Diamond Rock. It really is a good sight. I shoot my bow with everything on it including the quiver with 3 arrows so I know it is at full Hunting weight and trim and the quiver is excellent. No rattles. The only questionable item is the stabilizer. It is to light to counter balance and it is hard plastic, so I don’t think it dampens any vibration. But that is the cheapest and easiest think to replace. I’ll write in in Sept again hopefully after first blood is drawn!

  9. Randy VanderVeen   2011/02/05 at 2:35 am

    Russ, I’ve shot Darton and Hoyt, but now I have found my last bow….Bowtech Invasion. For many of the same reasons you like the Assasin. Binary cams, hardcore limbs, feels good in your hand when shooting. I like the people who run the company and I just can’t wait to get out this spring and use it on a long beard.
    My deer food plot is 50 yards across and this year I’ll feel confident shooting all the way to the other side.

  10. Brian L   2011/02/07 at 3:58 am

    I purchased the Assassin last month and I must say that I am completely satisfied. My primary bow was a 2010 Diamond Rock 2.0. I liked the Rock but it seemed to be missing something. I looked for a new bow in a reasonable price range. The Assassin stood out. I shot a Destroyer 340 along with the Assassin. The Assassin performed as good if not better than the Destroyer. The only changes that I have made to the bow was with the rest and stabilizer. I put a QAD fall away and a Octane stabilizer on it. It performs flawlessly. I am shooting 388 grain arrows with a 29″ draw set at 70#. I do not have access to a chronograph but it seems blazing. Overall the bow is quiet, fast and very accurate. I would recommend this bow to anyone. Great product!

  11. Zach   2011/06/23 at 2:15 pm

    Just purchased a 2011 bowtech assassin. I absolutely love the bow! After getting my bow dialed in and set up for hunting I shot it through the chronograph and was blown away by the 316 fps. You CANNOT go wrong with this bow! I would recommend it to anyone.

  12. Jason   2011/08/05 at 10:40 am

    Bought the Assassin earlier this week. I did alot of research before I made this purchase. Made the decision of the assassin at the advice of my friends who work for an archery outfitter. I got the arrows cut about as short as I could for my 29 draw length and throwing the Velocity XT’s…around 330 grains. I set my draw weight in the store to 65lbs and was driving nails with this thing in a matter of minutes…all while in the store. Oh…and did I mention it was clocking between 315 and 320 fps?! Great bow, greater price, dangerous for the competition and the wildgame alike! Happy hunting.

  13. David   2011/08/10 at 11:14 am

    I just bought the assassin yesterday and am very happy with it. I went into the bow shop with my mind set on a mathews, I quickly seen that the z7 was more than I wanted to spend so I started looking at the Mathews monster. When I went to shoot the monster the guy at the bow shop talked me into shooting the assassin as well. Side by side there was no comparison, to me the assassin shot better, it felt faster (dont know if it was or not), and just felt better in my hands. And with a price tag a few hundred cheaper than the Monster( that was completely bare) for a loaded out bow, I walked out of there with assassin in my hand. I did buy a new qad rest though, the factory one was fine, I had just heard a lot of good stuff bout the qad.