Super Secret 68 7/8

42 degrees. 8 mph wind. says it’s raining but it’s not. This morning I go to the Super Secret 68 7/8 stand where the Weird Buck has been triggering my SpyPoint camera the last 3 mornings. Best thing, he’s coming during daylight.

The Weird Buck. Strange looking antlers, huh. The wildlife biologist ages this unique buck at 4 1/2.

Almost an hour of daylight so far. No deer.

Wind picked way up. Temperature is falling fast. Getting chilly.

Ahhhh, I hear wild turkey yelps. Ohhhh boy … Come this way.

Yikes! Rain!

False alarm on the rain. Soon a doe came walking from the south. At 15 yards it stopped and looked back and turned broadside. I looked to see what was coming. Another doe was following behind it.

I drew slowly and put my pin where it should go, held steady and released. The doe ran into its backtrail and I heard it go down.

In a minute the real rain came.

The 2010 BHN Whitetail Hunts are Sponsored by:
Wildlife Research
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Arizona EZ Fletch

I walked in the direction the doe had gone and found it quickly. Then I went for my truck.

On the way the rain upscaled. I drove as close to the doe as I could get. In spite of the pouring rain I wanted to get a picture. So I took time delay pics by balancing my camera on a stack of rocks and hurrying back and forth from the camera to the doe.

None of the pictures look very good due to the lens fogging from the cold and the pouring rain. But it was the best I could do at the time. Heck, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is my quite unremarkable picture of this hunt’s doe.

Cold and wet? Uh-ha you bet.


  • A game camera is a super way to check out an area to see if it will be good to hunt. I used the SpyPoint IR-6 and I can’t brag on it enough. Digital pictures day and night. Easy to set up. It found the Weird Buck and the illusive Wide-8. And I also knew does and wild turkey are at this site.
  • Scent control is a big deal to me and I knocked my scent out by washing my hunting clothes as well as myself with Scent Killer products.
  • I used a BowTech 82 Airborne set at 62 pounds. It has a 2 1/2 year history of harvesting gobblers, wild hogs, bear and deer.
  • My broadhead was the Grim Reaper 2″ cut RazorCut broadhead. It put the doe down fast as well as close. GRIM REAPER Broadheads
  • The fletching is florescent yellow Gateway feathers on yellow wraps from EZ-Eye. I fletched them myself with the Arizona EZ Mini Fletch.
  • The bright green top pin of my Cobra BoomSlang bowsight was easy to get on target. Cobra Archery
  • The peep sight is a Whisper Peep from Loc-A-Peep and is the best peepsight I have ever used.  LOC A PEEP
  • My smooth shooting Fletch Hook from Jim Fletcher Archery sent my arrow on the way exactly when and where I wanted it to. Jim Fletcher Archery
  • Once again the Primos Double Bull Dark Horse ground blind kept me out of view — in plain sight — and this time up in a tree!

4 Responses to "Super Secret 68 7/8"

  1. Collin Cottrell   2010/12/29 at 4:24 am

    Fresh backstraps! Yummmm! Congrats my friend.

  2. Stacey Huston   2010/12/31 at 10:50 pm

    Great job Robert..~ congrats on another great harvest

  3. Rick Philippi   2011/01/02 at 10:16 pm

    Nice Robert!! This is little Ricky