Spypoint Trail Cameras

From: Todd Coppernol: Wilderness Pros Marketing Group

Whether its watching over personal property, food plots or game trails the quality line of SPYPOINT Camera systems will capture the moment day or night so you always know what’s going on when you aren’t there.

SPYPOINT: Don’t settle for anything less.

• FREE UPGRADES – There’s no need to send in your camera every time there is a software upgrade –SPYPOINT allows you to download the updates from our website – for free!
• 5 MOTION DETECTION ZONES – Many cameras feature a single motion detection zone – directly in front. SPYPOINT cameras have five zones – this helps trigger the camera faster, increasing the angle of detection.
• SHORTEST FLASH TIME ON THE MARKET – SPYPOINT’s IR LED flash time is the shortest on the market, making the flash very difficult to see. This enhances use for hunting and security applications.
• EASE OF USE – SPYPOINT cameras are designed with little complexity, compared to our competitors. Our cameras are easy to operate.
• HIGHEST PHOTO QUALITY – SPYPOINT cameras offer the best photo quality in the marketplace. We do this by matching lens quality to the resolution of the camera -for example- our 5 MP cameras contain a 5 MP lens. Many companies offer a 5 MP camera, but often times, those cameras have a lower value lens. This makes it very difficult to zoom in or blow up a picture without distortion.
• NIGHT-TIME ADVANTAGE – Many companies manufacture their cameras with only a 10 degree LED, SPYPOINT uses a variable range of LEDs for night-time illumination. SPYPOINT LED angles are 10 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40 degrees – this creates brighter and wider illumination.
• DESIGNED FOR COLD WEATHER – SPYPOINT cameras are designed to work in cold weather conditions, especially when combined with a rechargeable lithium battery. These batteries are not affected by cold temperature.
• BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE- SPYPOINT Customer Service is the best in the industry. Turn-around time on any repair or replacement is 24 hours or less.


One Response to "Spypoint Trail Cameras"

  1. Gary Elliott   2010/12/03 at 1:51 am

    field testing the IR-8 and Pro-X myself and find them to take some very rich colorful pictures if I may add.