Freak 3… And More

Dec 4 – Saturday
This afternoon I saw the Freak 3 buck and grunted him over close so I could get a pics of him. Here’s one.

His rack grew like that. But his right G2 is broken off. I really like the fish hook point. My zoom broke on my camera so I couldn’t get in on some of the cool stuff about his malformed antlers.

Sometimes it seems like they want their pictures taken, Freak 3 walked up even closer and I got him again.

An 8-point just came off the hill. He circled the area and picked up a scent trail. He hurried away on the trail. The 2 does came and left. Now 3 does walked up from behind me.

Dec 5 – Sunday
Only in the Food Plot blind 2 minutes and 3 does walked up from behind me. They are constantly looking back.and toward the trees along the gulch to the east.

An 8-pt just came over the hill and took off for the 3 does. He pit the chase to them and they all ran into the gulch. Then he came back out and went into the woods to the north. Cool stuff.

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