Firenock Circuit Packs

Firenock, the leader in lighted nock technology announced a series of major improvements to their popular lighted arrow nock systems for 2011.

Firenock owner Dorge O’Huang stated: “While Firenocks are the brightest, most dependable lighted nock systems available today we continue to improve. For our new generation of nocks we have improved the hunting circuits efficiency and increased brightness 120% over our current model. We have increased brightness levels from 1650 LUX to approx. 3500 LUX. Additionally, the nock’s light will maintain a brightness level of 150 LUX for about 30 hours then go into dim mode for about 4-6 weeks as opposed to the standard 18-24 hours of our current models. This is a major advancement to ensure our nocks are seen by the bowhunter regardless of the lighting conditions.”

Mr. O’Huang continued, “In lower temperatures the Firenock hunting circuit with standard battery will remain lit for up to 2+ months. Even with this improved system we are keeping our prices the same as all Firenock circuit packs, 3 for $34.95.”

The new Firenock Hunter System Nock will initially be available only
in red.

Mr. O’Huang also noted: “Our new Firenock ‘I’ Series circuit now
features an intermittent lighting circuit board that will stay lit for
six seconds and then go into a blinking mode that will blink for
approx 7-10 days until the battery runs out.”

For more go to: Firenock
(815) 780-1695