December 1 – 3

Dec 1 – Wednesday
Morning Hunt – 29 degrees. But calm, so that cuts the bite this morning. Gonna eat some oatmeal and scarf a little coffee and it’s out the door.
A buck showed up on the edge of the woods and studied the area.
He started walking. He’s rutting hard, look at his black hocks.
Woops, his nose hit the ground.
Then he trotted out of sight. And a minute later both he and a doe walked up from behind me. The doe picked around in the now sparsely populated food plot and he stood nearby.
After they left to the south I saw a different buck and doe go into the woods to the north. I think the temp must be even lower now. It’s so cold my hard drive video camera gives a message the temp is too low to video.
Afternoon Hunt – Sun’s getting lower. Some deer 200 yds off. And 5 more does came by from behind me. The buck ignored them and held tight with his dancing partner.
I’ll put the buck in my appointment book for 2013. Later a 9-point walked by with the two does — less than 20 yards.

Dec 2 – Thursday
This morning went totally out of the lines. Saw 22 does and 2 regular bucks. Also bomber 10-point, very wide, long tines, heavy beams, but across the fence on the neighbors place. Plus we have a Freak number 3. His antlers have palmations, spike points, a drop tine — this is s phone pic, hopefully I can get a pic with my real camera.
A new Freak buck showed up. Got a phone picture of him. This is this mornings phone pic of Freak 3.
This afternoon a spike was waundering around in the trees and wound up by me.  When 3 does came in the area the spike ran them around and they ran up on the hill.  The Spike is back by me. He’s looking at something behind me. I never saw what.
Dec 3 – Friday
Morning Hunt – I went to December Tree. A tree that always has scrapes in December. Got some bad news. The tree was dead and had fallen over. But I found several scrapes nearby. And 8 does ran up on me when I was standing by the old scrape.
Afternoon Hunt – A doe is at the edge of the woods checking things out. A second deer is further in the trees. I see a 3rd doe in the trees. Now they all are checking out the food plot. They don’t stay long, the freezing weather is taking its toll on my newly planted food plot growth.
This years Whitetail Hunts are Sponsored by: Wildlife Research Center: ‘America’s Top Brand’

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