Code Blue Grave Digger™

From: Mike Mattly

Code Blue introduced Grave Diggerwith TRS, a high-quality soil impregnated with Code Blue’s premium urine collected from an individual animal. Grave Digger’s Time-Released Scent (TRS) tempts trophies into digging their own graves for up to 30 days.

Using advanced scent-mixing technology, Grave Digger blends seamlessly with the soil allowing trophy animals to work the dirt freely and naturally. The more they dig the better it smells. This powerful combination is packaged in a heavy-duty bag with an airtight seal locking in freshness. Once opened, the TRS fills the woods with enticing scent that lasts up to 30 days, eliminating the need to re-visit scrape sites thus preventing contamination by human odor.

Unlike other scents Grave Digger’s powerful odor won’t wash away in wet conditions! Moisture actually forces the scent to the surface keeping scrapes, wallows and sites hot, fresh and active.

Grave Digger’s scent stays strong regardless of weather conditions and is specifically designed to resist moisture and freezing.

Grave Diggeris available in 8oz packages of three different whitetail scents – Doe Estrous, Buck Urine and Scrape Mate – as well as 32oz packages of Moose Cow in Heat.

Company Description

Code Blue, LLC set new quality standards for the scent industry as the world’s first and only company with a patented certified collection process that guarantees “One Deer to One Bottle.” Code Blue has taken the knowledge of scents and scent dispersal to expand its product offering; from premium scent and attractants, to scent dispensers and scent eliminators – Code Blue has every hunter’s scent needs covered.