Bear Carnage

From: Wade Nolan

Let the Carnage Begin

The Bear Attack has been refined into focused Carnage. We know that perfect killers blend a smooth approach into unleashed furry. That’s the unlikely combination Bear Engineers have merged in the all new Carnage. An efficient conspiracy of the new skeletal E-Cam and recoil free Max Pre-Loaded Quad Limbs that delivers unequaled power to the arrow. Like a vicious bear attack, fast isn’t the whole story. Focused power dominates. Bear has harnessed raw power and efficiently transferred it into managed speed. You’ve never been next to a smoother killer.

The package is a trim #4 lbs. and the delivery a blistering 345 fps. The smooth shooting and accuracy are contributed to by the 32-inch axel to axel and the forgiving 7 1/4 inch brace height. Now you have all of the speed you need with maximum control. When all of the factors are mingled, what you have left is pure CARNAGE. Try one out at a Bear Dealer’s shop and lay hands on the Killer.

BEAR Carnage - Power and speed from fang to claw.

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