West Virginia: Going For The WV Slam

After skinning his bear  Jay went with Bruce Ryan to check out areas where a deer and wild turkey might be possible. Jay waited in a ground blind the rest of the afternoon and saw some deer but had no luck.

The next morning he slept in but was in the blind by 10:00. Shortly after, two does came by on a trail and Jay Made a 30 yard shot on one. It ran a short distance and went down in sight. Jay field dressed the deer and checked it in.

Then he returned to the blind. An hour later he noticed a blackish blob about 50 yards away that looked out of place. It was on top an old fallen tree.

In a few seconds it moved and Jay recognized it as a wild turkey. Behind a whole string of wild turkeys marching his way through the woods. There were 15-20 of them and they worked their way closer. When a group of the bigger ones were 20 yards from the blind Jay saw that they were gobblers. He drew back his bow and waited for a facing away shot.

That didn’t happen and Jay took a broadside shot. The arrow went under the turkey. Surprisingly the turkey group stayed put. Jay shot again with the same result. He realized his sight’s 20 yard setting was off.

Now the birds were nervous and continuing on. Some gobblers hung up and Jay ranged them at 33 yards. He nocked another arrow and adjusted his slyder sight needle too the 33 yard mark on its sight tape.

Jay drew back, centered the pin on the biggest gobbler as it turned broadside and walloped him. It flew 10 yards and was done. The 2-inch 3-blade Grim Reaper dropped him fast.

After all the turkeys were gone Jay got out and went over to his beautiful bird.

Jay texted me and I picked him up and we drove to Middle Mountain Sporting Goods and checked in the turkey.

Matt Higgins congratulated him on his West Virginia Grand Slam.

We loaded our gear and pointed the Bow Mobile for Columbus, Ohio.

This hunt is hosted by Middle Mountain Sporting Goods in Elklin, WV and and Ryan Outdoors.

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