Scrape Bomber

NOTE: I made this post and took these pictures just before I left for Ohio.

Although yesterday had been a bust on the stand it was another pivotal day. From the ranch’s two track road I can see Scrape Alley and as I drove by it coming in from my morning hunt I saw a lone doe standing in the shadows of some trees not far from the Alley. Later, on the way out, she was there again.

Today I had plans for this area and drove there. Holly Cow!

Again, a doe stood in the shadows of the trees. Standing next to it was a monster bomber buck. It had humongous everything.

I did not stop, or slow down, or speed up, I just continued down the road. I wanted to kill some time so I drove into town and ate. Afterwards I gave the area another drive by and didn’t see anything. Time to get to work.

I grabbed my game camera and checked the perimeter of the trees where the deer had been. The scrape I found was two feet wide and worked hard.

I looked around for a place to hang my game camera. An oak tree stood by itself 10 yards from the scrape. I strapped the Moultrie camera to that tree.

Then I aimed the camera at the scrape. When a deer came up to it I wanted to be sure and get their pictures.

With that done I quickly took some pictures of the scrape and camera setup. Here is a wider angle view.

Although I’m certain there were some I didn’t look for additional scrapes. This one was good enough. I was in and out in less thatn 5 minutes. And I’ll bet that by the time you read this there will be pictures on the Moultrie.

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