November Catch Up

Hunting a new area this afternoon that nobody knows I have a stand in. Three does came by from the south. Soon 2 more does come from the opposite direction. Holly cow, movement in the brush and glassed it, 5 does browsing along.

Later the first 3 does are come back, now from the north. And 2 does came from the south.

At dusk, but still good shooting light time) Number 9 walled right by me.

He continued on.

I didn’t notice them until I took the pics but a doe and button buck were walking along 25 yards behind him.  And different buck, a big bodied bomber, seemed to be moving along with Number 9 but at a distance, he never got out of the brush.

It was hard to pass on Number 9 … but I did. I want a good look at the other buck. There is still a month of hunting to go.  Yea, I know, I could wind up eating those “”pass up” words because I want to see a buck I didn’t get a clear look at. But if I’m anything I’m patient and persistent.

As agreed before I left for Ohio, when the weather predicted rain my bud Perry Wicker plowed up my main food plot and planted Heartland Wildlife’s Rack Maker. Today new green stuff is sprouting in it. The Rack Maker is a hit already.

Four does came up at Deer-30. Soon 1 more doe showed up. Then a buck chasing a doe ran right by me. Big necked with a wide rack.

Got darker. The remaining deer ran away and another mature buck came up and stopped, put his nose to the ground, smelled around, and went into the woods. Could have shot him but his almost white rack had some broken points. At dark I slipped off.

Yesterday afternoon I got where I could watch a large area. Saw 16 does total. As for bucks, a big racked 9 point ripped up the branches of a live oak and made a scrape and then came my direction and passed 45 yds away. Saw another 5 bucks walking along a fence line. Also. A real bomber along the fence. Heck, I love seeing ’em.

Nov 26
Two does came through at 8:30. A cold and windy morning. Now it’s 9:30 and I just got in. It’s firewood in the fireplace time.

Nov 23
Pulled a muscle in my butt and left leg Saturday. Could hardly walk. Went to a chiropractor yesterday. This morning my back was ok. Leg was better but still hurt like railroad spikes were hammered into it. Chiropractor just worked me in. Feel better but still bad sore.\

This years Whitetail Hunts are Sponsored by: Wildlife Research Center: ‘America’s Top Brand’

and Hang-On Buddy Universal Treestand Mounting System

and Arizona Rim maker of the E-Z Fletch