Heartland Hunt: Joe Byers Buck

Outdoor writer Joe Byers saw 10 deer on his first morning hunt. Later he called his wife on the cell phone and was leaving a message, the last words of which were whispered, “There’s a buck!”

Fifteen yards in front of Joe stood a high, wide Ohio buck. It was quartering toward Joe, eating in the food plot.

Joe put the cell phone in his pocket and picked up the crossbow. He aimed inside the shoulder and squeezed the trigger. The bolt hit high in the shoulder and spined the buck. It dropped on the spot and Joe finished it off.

EQUIPMENT: Joe Byers shot a Darton Serpent crossbow and Grim Reaper 2-inch Whitetail Special broadheads. He shot it from a Blind Turtle blind situated in a food plot of Heartland Trophy Clover Mix and Rack Maker.

This hunt is hosted by Heartland Wildlife Institute and Ryan Outdoors: www.heartlandwildlifeinstitute.com

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