Heartland Hunt: Equipment

One of the purposes of writers camps is for companies to present and/or provide new products to the writers and make announcements about upcoming news of interest. Mike Jordan from ATSKO briefly went over the Sport Wash and N-O-Dor products that control odors in hunters boots and clothing as well as their hair and body. Mike passed out the new item for 2011, the ATSKO Combo Pack. (Visit ATSKO on the web at ATSKO Snow Seal.)

The new ATSKO Combo Pack comes packaged with N-O-DOR Odor Oxidizer spray, Sport Wash hair and body wash, Sport Wash Laundry Detergent and U-V-Killer. There is also a 3 Pack that has the N-O-DOR Odor Oxidizer spray, Sport Wash hair and body wash, Sport Wash Laundry Detergent.

Also new is ATSKO’s U-V-Killer Blaze Orange Vest. The vest appears brilliant blaze orange to human eyes. But to deer and other game animals it is an effective camouflage vest.

On the left we see the U-V-Killer Camo Vest as seen by the human eye. On the right it appears the way deer and other big game animals see it.

Deadliest Broadheads For High Performance Bows

Jay Liechty of Grim Reaper Broadheads had news of an exclusive new licensing agreement with Mathews Inc., the Mathews Edition Grim Reaper Broadhead Line. (Visit Grim Reaper Broadheads on the web at Grim Reaper Broadheads.)

Jay Liechty showed us the eye catching packaging for the Mathews Edition broadhead collection.
The Mathews Edition broadheads feature two expandables and one fixed blade. The 100-grain, 3-blade, 1 3/8 cut mechanical, the 100-grain, 3-blade, 2-inch cut mechanical and the 100-grain, 3-blade, 1 3/16-inch cut fixed blade.

The Food Plot Kings

Jeff Neal and Les Ray from Heartland Wildlife Inc. know everything about wildlife seed products and food plots. In fact, the farm we are hunting is a living testimony to to Heartland Wildlife’s dedication, research and expertise in developing food plot and other nutritional sources for wildlife, particularly deer. (On the web at www.heartlandwildlifeinstitute.com.)

The 700 acre farm has 18 food plots. Jeff and Les concoct both annual and perennial seed mixes that optimize food plot volume and provide a healthy variety of foods for deer. This is a field planted with Heartland’s Secret Weapon, an annual mix of the brassicas including turnips, forage rape as well as winter peas and forage beans. One of the nice things about this mix is it has early and late forage.

Below is a close up of the brassicas turnips and leafy plants.

Heartland has tested and developed mineral mixes that are extremely good for the deer herd health. Below is one of Heatland’s mineral licks.

Something that I was impressed with about Jeff and Les is they asked us writers for suggestions and critiques for products, packaging and Heartland Wildlife.

This hunt was hosted by Heartland Wildlife Institute and Ryan Outdoors: www.heartlandwildlifeinstitute.com

Also sponsored by:

Products were supplied by Darton Archery, Don Woods Polaris (Athens, OH),Fall Guy Treestand Safety Systems, Pine Ridge Archery, Pro Scents, and Knight & Hale Calls.