Columbus Hunt: Day 1

We arrived in Hebron, Ohio and checked into the Best Western. In the morning we met Sean Bogan of Big Horn Outdoors TV show and he and Jay went to a stand and I went to another  one. My treestand was at the edge of a large stand of trees adjacent to a 10 acre field.

The plan was for Sean to video Jay’s hunt. When we quit hunting at 10:00 we had all seen the same thing. Nothing.

We ate lunch and drove to another property. This one was in a very hilly area not far from a highway. The property owner talked to us and said their German shepherd dog had been missing for several hours. The dog is known to chase deer but is never gone very long.

Jay Liechty of Grim Reaper Broadheads on the left with Sean Bogan of Big Horn Outdoors TV.

I hunted in a ladder stand with woods on both sides of me.  It was definitely a promising area.

At deer-30 two does came through the woods in front of me.  They crossed over into the woods to my right. The closest they got was 65 yards so they were not on my radar.

Later a buck walked out in the open on the hill 200 yards from me. I put the Nikon’s on him, a young 8-point.  He took the rout that the does had used.

Jay and Sean zipped.

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