Whisper Buddies

AIM Outdoors launches innovative string silencer, Whisper Buddies, specifically designed for the rigors of crossbows and high performance compound bows.

Rick Chomik, avid bow hunter and Director of Engineering at AIM comments, “Silencers are wearing out prematurely and the higher string tension from crossbows are cutting thru the silencer as they are designed and tested only for compound archery. The result is frustrated crossbow hunters. AIM Outdoors started from the ground up to not simply improve an inferior product but to establish a new category.”

The result is Whisper Buddies. Whisper Buddies completes an extensive re-engineering and field testing effort specifically for crossbows and high performance gear.

Whisper Buddy cut out shows hard polymer inner core.

With durable but hard polymer inner core, Whisper Buddies eliminate cut through of the bow string from compound and crossbows. Another industry first is the Whisper Buddies use of a four channel string groove to eliminate problem other string silencers have of flying out of the string. Finally, the weight of the Whisper Buddies is optimally designed to act as speed ball to increase arrow speed. The superior engineering and innovations make Whisper Buddies perfect for any Xtreme duty compound or crossbow application.

About AIM Outdoors
AIM Outdoors delivers Accuracy In Motion through ground breaking products in the Outdoor field. With the launch of Whisper, Whisper Lite peep sites and Whisper Buddies string silencers in less than 18 months, AIM Outdoors has established itself as a leading innovator in the archery industry. Adopting modern materials and American ingenuity, AIM Outdoors builds products to make archery more accurate, quieter and more reliable. AIM Outdoor products can be found in Cabela’s and Bass Pro shop’s as well as at your local archery pro shop.