The Missing Bear Hunt

Woops. In the busy, busy of posting the bowhunts for bear, alligator and deer and other pressing website work I didn’t get my own bear and alligator hunts up. So I digress just a bit and get back to this years’ August bear hunt with Fred Lutger’s Wilderness Bowhunts.

After Fred Lutger tagged his bear it was his turn to video and my turn to hunt.  Mosquitoes were swarming. But my ThermaCELL held them at bay. To help out, I started it in the truck before we went in so it would be going full blast when we got into the Dark Horse blind.

A look through the front of the Dark Horse blind. That tree is 16 yards from us.

We got in early. Three hours passed. At this point in the hunt I was not thinking about work or my real life. All that mattered was these woods, the sounds around us, and what I saw as I scanned the surroundings carefully for a bear’s ear, or leg or just a black blob that hadn’t been there minutes ago. My umpteenth look to the left stopped me cold.

A bear’s head … a big one … 5 yards away … silently, carefully looking the area over.

Fred was on the left side of the blind and moved a finger and pointed it toward the bear. Then I eased my camera up and took a picture.

The bear moved forward and disappeared in the forest cover. We quietly got in position for some bear action. But not quietly enough.

The bear raced up to his 5 yard marker and slammed on the brakes … looking directly at the blind. Then he hurried away.

After the sun set and the woods began loosing their color we left too. I wondered if the bear would be back.

He would.