October 25: Rut Sign

Waiting for daylight at the Point I decided to post on my Facebook page.

Big mistake.

When I  turned my iPhone on its light lit me, and surrounding treelimbs, up bright. Directly in front of me deer, that I couldn’t have seen and had not heard, raced out of the area. I never saw them but I sure heard them.

7:30 – Wild turkeys are talking between the river and me. Yesterday afternoon I saw 3 flocks but none came over to me. (Forgot to get some turkeycalls.) Woops, here’s a doe.

The doe walked by at 8 yds and went through a hole in the fence that the wild hogs made. Soon I hear hens yelping and a gobbler sounds like he’s less than 200 yds from me.

Next thing I know a 6 point is coming my way. Tried to get it’s pic but he got through the opening where I could get a pic. The 6-point passed me and then stopped. It saw something and watched it.

Then hurried back to where I am and continued looking at something I couldn’t see. Got him at 7 yards with the iPhone.

Driving in I decided to check a couple of areas for scrapes. When I got to one I call Scrape Alley I got a big surprise.

A monster buck burst out of the trees near Scrape Alley. It zipped by only 20 yards in front of me and disappeared in the trees. I turned around without looking for scrapes — I was that certain there were some in the area.

When I got back home I got a Double Bull  blind and promptly set it up at Scrape Alley. Since I’ve hunted there before I have a divot cut out in the brush that the Double Bull fits in perfectly. It only took a few minutes to be ready to hunt there.


I went to, you guessed it, Scrape Alley for the afternoon hunt. The wind was gusting strong. I saw one Forky. In the morning I want to return here and make a quick look see.

This years Whitetail Hunts are Sponsored by: Wildlife Research Center: ‘America’s Top Brand’™