Bear Hunt: He’s Back

Without a word, Fred turned on the video camera. I couldn’t see anything but I knew Fred had. So I hooked up my Fletch Hook.

Seconds later a black object moved in the woods about 50 yards away.

A minute later I saw the bear’s ears 15 yards further than the 16 yard tree.

The bear slipped out of the cover of the pines.

Turned right and walked closer to the large pine tree.

Time was frozen, everything was on bear’s time and every second seemed a minute. The bear walked the 15 yards to the right side of the pine tree. Then he stepped behind the tree and came out on the left side. He looked right at us.

He didn’t appear to be concerned about the blind and his head wobbled, bear fashion, as he looked around. I was ready to draw at the first opportunity.

Yikes. The bear walked back into the pines.

Once again, would he return?

The answer was, “yes” and we were not gonna have to wait until tomorrow either.