A Cost-Benefit Analysis

By: Lane Humphries – C’Mere Deer

In the business world, a cost-benefit analysis is what helps people decide if the course of action they’re about to take is a profitable one. Many hunters have to do the same thing when it comes to their gear; spending too much on your hunting season may put you in an undesirable position for the rest of the year or put you at odds with your non-hunter spouse.

Especially in today’s economy, hunters can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on anything they can’t justify or get a significant return on. Hunters have to be frugal but the rules of the game have not changed; if searching for that perfect buck or generating a census of the deer population, C’Mere Deer is still the best way to accomplish these tasks.

The problem with C’Mere Deer is that it works too well and is often consumed in a matter of hours, but C’Mere Deer is known for its uncanny “staying-power” and can still be smelled in an area long after it’s gone.  At some point, though, more needs to be added; the hunter must keep the bait out there for the deer to come back if the hunter has any chance of taking that deer, especially in bow hunting.

One very good way of keeping costs down, without sacrificing performance of your C’Mere Deer, is to use it to enhance 50 – 100 lbs of regular corn with C’Mere Deer. Corn, by itself, is used by hunters all over the world (or at least all over the United States) to give their deer a reason to come into their hunting area.

Corn enhanced with C’Mere Deer can do much more than simply make them come in; it can make them stay there for hours. In research for this article I have two spots on my property; one where I just have corn and salt and another where I have C’Mere Deer enhanced corn. On average the deer that come to the corn/salt mixture stay less than half an hour, the deer coming to the C’Mere Deer enhanced corn have stayed for up to four hours.  Coincidentally, I get more bucks over the C’Mere Deer enhance corn than does.

Below are the steps needed to make C’Mere Deer enhanced corn,

Step #1:

Collect your materials.

1)      32oz Buck Juice Sprayer $14.95

2)      1 Gallon C’Mere Deer Powder $19.95

3)      1 50lb Bag of Corn $5.99$7.99

4)      Something to mix it all in $free$13.00

If mixing 100lbs of corn, simply purchase an additional bag of corn and the two gallon

C’Mere Deer powder –$29.95.

Step #2:

Pour the corn into your container.

Here, you see a clear container but the container doesn’t have to be plastic or clear, as long as it’s clean and contains no chemicals or foreign smells that would contaminate the mixture.

Step #3:

Spray about half of your C’Mere Deer Buck Juice on the corn.

The goal here is to get the corn sticky, no so much to soak it.

Another school of thought in this technique is to soak the mixture overnight so that the corn can fully absorb as much C’Mere Deer as possible.

Step #4:

Add your C’Mere Deer Powder

For this example we’re using one gallon, since it will stick nicely to the sprayed or (if using the second technique) soaked corn.

For 100lbs of enhanced corn, add two gallons of C’Mere Deer powder.

Step #5:


Mix liberally; the object here is to not have clumps in your container. Mix until every kernel of corn is coated with C’Mere Deer powder.

Ideally, it’s best to mix with something other than your hands as your scent could transfer to the mixture.

Step #6:

Put it out, two pounds at a time.

Just fill your empty C’Mere Deer powder jug with your enhanced corn, for easy measuring.

Be sure to spread your mixture around; if the deer aren’t used to corn, then you may have to spread it out lightly.

Step #7:

Continue to put out your C’Mere Deer enhanced corn and within a week’s time, assuming there are deer in your area, you’ll start to see photos like this on your trail camera.

(Seen here, these bucks came in within two days of application & I had to move the camera for it to catch them.)

The costs of C’Mere Deer enhanced corn.

50+ lbs of C’Mere Deer Enhance Corn
C’Mere Deer Michael’s Buck Juice 32 Ounce Sprayer $14.95
C’Mere Deer One Gallon Powder $19.95
50lb Bag of Deer Corn $7.99
Large Container $13.00
All Prices Before Taxes
Total: $55.89
Price Per Pound (roughly 50lbs) $1.12
100+ lbs of C’Mere Deer Enhanced Corn
C’Mere Deer Michael’s Buck Juice 32 Ounce Sprayer $14.95
C’Mere Deer Two Gallon Powder $29.95
100lbs of Deer Corn $15.98
Large Container $13.00
All Prices Before Taxes
Total: $73.88
Price Per Pound (roughly 100lbs) $0.74

From the above calculation, it would cost $1.48 – $2.24 per application of C’Mere Deer enhanced corn—becoming slightly cheaper for future applications since the container can be reused. This method of enhancing regular corn by using C’Mere Deer works out to be very economical and very useful, as it helps to make your product go much further that it previously would have.

Based on the effectiveness of C’Mere Deer, the cost-benefit analysis works out to be an overwhelming win-win situation for your wallet and for your hunting season!