S3® Downpour from Scent Shield®


In 2003 Robinson Outdoors® acquired Whitewater Outdoors®, a 50-year-old Wisconsin apparel company.  Company President Scott Schultz noted: “Whitewater Outdoors® had a long history of providing conventional outdoor clothing, gloves and accessories.” “The vertical integration of the two companies was a match made in heaven.”  In 2005, Robinson Outdoors launched the Dream Season® line of premium quality hunting clothing in a marketing partnership with the folks at Drury Outdoors.

According to Robinson Outdoors, behind the scenes of every technical product at Robinson Outdoor Products™ is a history of exhaustive use, abuse and in lab testing. They start with an idea, a need, and then seek out the finest fabrics, materials and formulas and start exploring design solutions to meet the need.

I’ve been using Scent Shield and ScentBlocker® products for several years, so I was excited to try the new S3 Scent Shield Downpour jacket and pants in Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity™ camo from Robinson Outdoors.  Let’s take a closer look at the technologies and features of the new Downpour scent elimination clothing.  First, it is worth noting some of the technology that Robinson Outdoors employs with the new Downpour hunting clothing.

BodyLock Technology: Strategically prevents easy escape of odor, and forces it through the carbon filter at key exit points of your body – wrist, neck, waist, and leg cuffs…to allow maximum adsorption by the ScentBlocker activated carbon.

Downpour: Hydrophilic membranes control the micro-climate inside the garment by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapor molecules. Downpour™ hydrophilic membranes have a solid structure that physically stops water passing through the membrane. The chemical structure of the membrane is made up of hydrophilic (water loving) groups that attract water vapor molecules. Driven by greater heat and water vapor density, the water vapor molecules move from one hydrophilic group to the next (somewhat like stepping stones).

Durable Water Repellency: The outer fabric is treated with a water repellant hydrophobic coating which forces water to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric. It extends the saturation point of the fabric and allows you to stay comfortable and in the field longer.

S3® Technology: S3 products utilize antimicrobial technology which helps to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria. S3 keeps the garment smelling fresher longer.

New for 2010 – S3 Scent Shield Downpour rain jacket and pant.

Initial Inspection

The first step for all of my evaluations is to inspect the product for quality, fit, and finish.  I thoroughly inspected the Downpour suit when it arrived, checking all material, stitching, zippers, elastic, and pockets.  I found no quality defects and the zippers all worked smoothly.

I really like the new Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity™ camo pattern featured on the Downpour suit (see figure 2).  Break-up infinity camo features serious detail and contrast with leaves, limbs, acorns, and branches that were then placed over multiple layers of actual images from the woods.  This creates a depth of field that you can look into similar to the way you look into the woods, and adds a realism and contrast that is sure to break up a hunter’s silhouette.

New Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo pattern

The first thing you do with any new clothing is to try it on for fit and comfort.  Both were perfect with the new Downpour suit.  I generally wear XL-sized clothing, and the XL-sized Downpour jacket and the pants both fit me perfectly.  They were lightweight and comfortable, and I was able to move freely about while wearing them.  I planned to use the suit both in spring gobbler season and the early fall deer hunting season in Pennsylvania.  Should be just the ticket given the lightweight waterproof characteristics of this hunting clothing.  You could add layers under the Downpour suit and use it well into the colder weather as well.

Made of soft SMT material that is ultra quiet


Testing hunting clothing is a simple process…wear it and decide whether it is comfortable, quiet, waterproof (in this case), and allows for the movements required for various hunting situations…and, are there enough pockets in the right places for some of your hunting gear.  I wore the Downpour suit during my spring gobbler hunts and during my early season deer bowhunts in PA.  I used the suit both on the ground and from treestands, in both dry and wet weather.  I was impressed by the comfort and mobility I had while using the Downpour pants and jacket.  I was able to stay dry during several spring gobbler hunts when it was raining steadily.  It’s a great feeling to know that you can stay dry during adverse weather conditions, and this can open up more hunting opportunities for which you might otherwise stay home.  During the times I was moving while hunting; the Downpour suit was very quiet and snag-free in the brushy places.

Any product is subject to improvements, and for the Downpour suit I would add a built-in arm guard to prevent my bowstring from slapping the sleeve, otherwise the Downpour suit is a solid performer from Robinson Outdoors.  I like this suit for spring and early fall hunting, and it will be included in my hunting clothing lineup for many years to come.

BodyLock technology at wrists, neck, waste, and leg cuffs


Thumbs up for me…the Downpour suit does what Robinson Outdoors advertises…provide comfort, maneuverability and protection in wet weather conditions.

Specifications as Tested

  • S3® antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
  • Made of ultra quiet and soft SMT Technic
  • 100% “water-loving” Hydrophilic Waterproof, Breathable Downpour™ technology attracts and holds water while still allowing air to pass through
  • Innovative safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
  • Adjustable draw cord waist
  • Visor hood with crown and side adjustments
  • Full front zipper with storm flap
  • Two waterproof zippered chest pockets, 2 lower front cargo pockets with flaps and handwarmer pockets
  • Double layer reinforced elbows
  • Color: Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity™
  • Sizes: M-3XL
  • Retail Price Pant:   $139.99
  • Retail Price Jacket:   $159.99

Pros:  quiet, lightweight, keeps you dry, comfortable

Cons:  no bowstring arm guard, not cheap (but you get what you pay)

To see the full line of Scent Shield products, visit their website: Robinson Outdoors