Getting Ready for the Hunt

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Crossbows are lethal weapons and becoming more popular in the archery world. I don’t have much experience shooting them, but have always been intrigued at their power and efficiency. Some states allow them during archery season (Wyoming), some states only during firearms season (Nebraska), and some, like South Dakota, don’t allow them unless you are handicapped. I recently acquired a new Barnett Predator crossbow and couldn’t wait to try it out, so here is my backyard review.

The Predator is simple to cock with their Rope Cocking Device.

At 175 lb draw weight the bolts are ripping out at 375+ feet per second. I noticed the incredible penetrating power as I tried and tried and finally pulled out the first bolt I ever shot from the Predator. Yet it’s easy to cock the hefty 175 lb draw weight with the Barnett rope-cocking device.

Comfortable, adjustable and fun to shoot.

I mounted the 4×32 multi-reticle scope and then adjusted the stock and check plate to fit. The Predator shoulders nicely and is well balanced. I shot three arrows free hand and had them grouping pretty well for my ever first ever crossbow shots. With some minor sight adjustments and practice I’ll be ready to hunt.

The Predator by Barnett Crossbows - fun to shoot, deadly accurate.

The AVI limb covering greatly reduces vibration and sound, which is crucial when hunting. I can’t wait to try it out on some late season Nebraska deer. The Predator is a great value on a blistering fast crossbow. I hope to show you what it can do in hunting situations very soon. Thank you for your time!