Treestands for the Disabled Hunter

Sponsored by The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America. Hosted by Doug Bermel – Shooting Coordinator for the Disabled Archer,

Elevated Solutions Deer Stand:

If you are like me I think you’ll find this article worth while. I  have always hunted from a tree stand but due to some unforeseeable circumstance  this now seems impossible.  If you are disabled and confined to a wheel chair Elevated Solutions has a product you might just want to check out.  They manufacture a12 volt battery operated electric stand that can raise you up to 14 feet off the ground. It is very portable with two wheels and can easily be pulled with an ATV to your desired spot. Set up is a snap.  Back the unit to the tree, then stand it up.  Fasten the bottom Grapple to the base of the tree.  Using the hand crank attach the top Grapple to the tree.  It is just that simple and you’re ready to hunt.  Get on to the very comfortable chair and raise your self to the desired height.  The quiet drive mechanism helps reduce noise so not to spook game.  As a safety precaution it comes with a manual override and a special braking system.

Elevated Solutions produces three models;  Model 4814-D is a two person stand with a max load of 600 lbs.  Model 3014-S is a single person stand with a 300 lb load.  The company also will custom build a stand for wheelchairs. You can take the tires off to lower to platform for easy access. There are side rails for added safety and is designed with a very spacious platform with lots of room for needed comfort.

So if you thought you would never be able to hunt off the ground again Elevated Solutions has as their motto says a Powered Tree Stand That Gets You UP.

For more information you can go to Or give Tony a call  1-715-859-6363

The Tree Tram:

Hunted from a tree stand or always wanted to but due to age or a disability it seemed impossible.  The Tree Tram by Reechcraft is another system to help you out.  They have developed a stand that may be used even if confined to a wheelchair.  Its light weight,  very portable and easy to set up.  You can pull it by hand or use an ATV.  Pick  the tree you would like to use and attach the sections together to get the desired height.  Lean the Tram against the tree and press the two spikes down into the ground.  At the top there is a tree claw that will fit a tree six to twenty inches wide.  You then crisscross the binding straps around the tree from the tree claw to the base of the Tram pole. Once it is secure you raise yourself up and then fasten a  ratchet strap from the tree claw around  the tree back to the tree claw and tighten down.  Now set up is complete.

You now simply get onto the seat, insert the portable drill into the Power Trak and raise yourself to a desired height. It only takes 60 seconds from the ground to reach the top level.  Reechcraft recommends using a right angled drill which they can provide. The pole comes in four foot sections so you can go from 0 to 15 feet or anywhere in between. It has a very comfortable 24’’ by 28’’platform that has a 350 lb rating.

Tree Tram also has a model for a disabled hunter with arm rests and a flexible  adaptor to make it easier to attach the drill.  You will have to transfer from your chair to the stand seat but the platform goes low enough to make this possible.  As an added safety feature  it also has a manual crank in case the battery fails so you can lower yourself.  Another option is a glove that covers the drill to help reduce noise.  The Tree Tram comes with a safety harness so once you are at the desired height you can attach the harness to prevent an accidental fall.

So if you would like to get off the ground Tree Tram might just be the product you have been looking for.  Their motto is Leave The Climbing To Us and with the Tree Tram you can do just that.

For more information you can go to or call Jason at 888-600-6160

Beanstalker III:

The Totally Accessible Handicapped Stand

While at the Minnesota Deer Classic sport show. Larry Schutz of New Heights Technology asked me to come to his booth and look at a new type of stand he has developed.  When I got my first look at the Beanstalker  I could see that it was very heavy duty and well built.  As we looked it over Larry pointed out some of the unique features.  The stand is on wheels making it very portable and can be pulled to your hunting site.  It features a 5×5 or 6×6 platform with side rails that can be covered with camo to help hide any movements. A sturdy three stage hydraulic ram powers you up to 12 ft .  The set up is quick and easy.  Take it to your hunting spot, lower the four corner jacks and level it up and it is ready to go. The only maintenance is you need to keep the battery charged.  As a safety feature if the battery fails you can hit the button and it will slowly lower you to the ground.  There is also a five foot ladder to climb to reach the platform but Larry wanted to make this stand accessible for wheelchair hunters.  I looked it over and gave him some ideas on how to make it accessible.


With my ideas in hand Larry went back to his shop and went to work.  Then in July he called me and said he had a prototype ready for me to look at. He brought the stand to my house and I put it through the test.  The new stand has a separate platform with an easy to access electric ramp for a wheelchair. You simply roll on and a smaller ram raises you to the main platform.  Open the rail, roll in and raise yourself to the height you would like.


This is the first truly wheelchair accessible stand I have seen.  The ramp was very easy to roll up onto the first platform.  Hit the button, go up five feet and roll onto the second platform, hit another button and raise your self to the 12 ft level.  It’s just that simple. The stand can be pulled and set up by a disabled hunter with no help.  Or leave it out in the woods all set up so all you need to do is climb on and you are ready to hunt. If you ever wanted to hunt off the ground again this is one stand you should take a look at.

The Bean Stalker III is truly a totally accessible wheelchair stand.

For more information you can go to Or call Larry  320-232-5491.