Bear Hunt – Search For Fred’s Bear

First light the next morning found us on Robbie’s bait and a short 30 yard walk to Robbie’s bear. Frank Vrandack was hunting with us again this year. We brought in Frank’s ice fishing sled and loaded up Robbie’s bear for the pull to the truck. I’ve used other means of hauling out bears, but this is the easiest method I have used.

NOTE TO SELF, get one of these sleds before deer season. I think I will get two and leave one here at bear camp. Frank is from north central Wisconsin, an avid ice fisherman and big game hunter. Who would have thought these two sports would have so much in common.

We headed for my bait sight and followed the flags from last night and resumed the trail. With the good light the trail was easy.

We see the bear through the trees and leaves.

We found my bear in short order. The bear was big. Not as big as he looked alive but I knew he would be big enough to make the book. The quick measurement between top canines was over 2 inches. And the front pads were over 5 1/2 inches. These two indicators usually will indicate a skull measurement of 18 inches or over, enough to make the book.

After a picture taking session it was a hard drag out, but the sled made it a bit easier. Back at camp we weighed the bear. The bear zoomed right past the 300# mark on my scale and bottomed out. I have had to use two 300# scales to weigh some bears in the past, but this trip I only had the one scale.

For video: Fred Lutger’s Record Bear

Needless to say, I am very proud of this animal and my first experience hunting with a crossbow.

With Illinois’ unlimited doe tags, and deer season just around the corner, I can’t wait to get this Barnett into the woods and continue my newly added dimension of hunting.

Hunt safe and have fun this season.

Fred Lutger

6 Responses to "Bear Hunt – Search For Fred’s Bear"

  1. Elizabeth   2010/09/02 at 7:17 pm

    This is immoral on every level. You came to his ground where it was safe and quite, and disruppted everything. Good job how manly does that make you feel?

  2. Collin Cottrell   2010/09/02 at 7:28 pm


    I will tell you, bear meat taste great and I am honored to hunt and provide food to my family. If you do not like this, go to a different website! Thanks

  3. Rich Walton   2010/09/07 at 3:23 pm

    Elizabeth, People eat meat every day. If might be fried cod, chicken, pork chops, Prime Rib, turkey or even eggs. They go to the grocery store and buy it. Some one had to kill the animal to get that meat. Now if you are a vegan I appreciate your choice but most of us are meat eaters, as God intended. Our choice. The thing is, hunters go where the game is and put our skills against those of the game. It’s not like going to the deli counter. If you don’t like eating meat, I honor that. If you don’t like hunting, I honor that too but, we aren’t making you eat meat so let’s just move on. besides, bears usually don’t hang out at the grocery counter so we actually do have to go find them where they do live.

  4. Rich Walton   2010/09/07 at 3:25 pm

    OH, and actually when a hunter is successful in taking a wild animal, which is seldom for a bowhunter, on it’s own turf, it is a wonderful feeling of success.

  5. Devin   2010/09/09 at 12:34 am

    Elizabeth: You know what is great about America; freedom to choose. I have the freedom and the right to choose to hunt, to live the way I want, to eat what I want, to live where I want and to do what I want. You have the same choices. I respect that you have those choices and fought to protect them for you. Please respect our choice and stop trying to tell us how to live your life, we’ll choose to live our lives, thank you.

    • Rich Walton   2010/09/10 at 3:38 pm

      Hey Devin,
      Don’t want to change the subject but when you called me this morning…you didn’t leave a phone number so could call you back. I have a program for you. Call me.