Pulling the Trigger on Scent

Super Charged® Scent Killer® Quart/Combo now has a New High-Output Trigger Sprayer on its 12 oz. Field Bottle

Wildlife Research Center, inc., a leader in the scent elimination and hunting scent industry is in their 28th year of business.  Wildlife Research Center® continues to introduce new and innovative products to improve your hunting success.  No one understands the importance of complete scent elimination coverage like Wildlife Research Center®, which is why they place just as much importance on the trigger as you do.

The New High-Output Trigger Sprayer encompasses a more durable design, delivering a substantially higher volume of product with each stroke.  The comfortable, ergonomic fit results in dramatically less finger fatigue, allowing a consistent coverage pattern.   The new High-Output Trigger Sprayer is equipped with a shut-off to prevent leaking during transportation.

The high quality High-Output Trigger Sprayer will be available with the 12 oz. field bottles that are included with the Super Charged® Scent Killer® Quart/combo in 2010.  Hunters will be able to apply SUPER CHARGED® SCENT KILLER® faster and more efficiently, getting more coverage than ever before.  The advantage:  the better the coverage, the more opportunities in the field.

SUPER CHARGED® SCENT KILLER® can actually transform your hunting clothes into a scent elimination suit!  The new High-Output Trigger Sprayer makes it easy to accomplish. Wildlife Research Center® recommends pre-treating your hunting clothes with a liberal application of SUPER CHARGED® SCENT KILLER® before you hunt, let them dry, then store them in an airtight container until you are ready to use them.  You can actually pre-treat your hunting clothes weeks or months before you hunt.  Heavily treated hunting clothing can remain effective for many days in the field.

Wildlife Research Center® understands that a deer’s most powerful defense is his nose.  Deer avoid hunters countless times each year and most of the time the hunter doesn’t even know it.  After being spooked by human odor, deer may avoid the area for weeks and a mature buck may even avoid the area for more than a month!  SUPER CHARGED® SCENT KILLER® dramatically reduces your chance of being detected, which results in more opportunity.

SUPER CHARGED® SCENT KILLER® works both wet and dry and continues to work for days after drying.  The special formula works by combating odors at the molecular level.  SUPER CHARGED® SCENT KILLER’s® Odorless Formula™ kills human and other foreign odors on contact.

SUPER CHARGED® Scent Killer® has been tested extensively in the field with amazing results.  SUPER CHARGED® Scent Killer® was found to be over 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University– that’s serious performance!

MSRP on the Super Charged® Scent Killer® Quart/Combo is $19.99.

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