Scentote Unveils New Soft Shell Bowcase

ScenTote, the industry leader in odor-eliminating storage containers, is proud to introduce a soft shell bow case. A hunters’ bow is something that gets used in a variety of environments including the backyard, the archery shop and the field. Bows are transported often and it isn’t uncommon for a bow to have human odors and other foreign odors on it like clothes and boots often do.  The new ScenTote bow case will help bowhunters everywhere protect their bows while transporting them and keep them odor free.

Like all ScenTote products, the new bow case comes with an activated carbon web adsorber that releases activated carbon granules into the contents of the bow case which will adsorb any human or foreign odors found in the bag. The scent-proof zipper keeps outside odors from getting into the bag so as the bow is being transported from home to the field in the back of a truck, the bow and everything else in the bag remain scent-free.

A bow case must be tough since it holds a bowhunter’s most precious gear.  The ScenTote bow case was built out of Diamond Rip Stop material which can hold up to almost anything a bowhunter can dish out.

The new ScenTote bow case is extra wide so bowhunters don’t have to remove their quivers from their bow when transporting.  They can simply put their bow and attached quiver inside the bag and zip it up.  Other hunter-friendly features include multiple storage compartments to store release aids, game calls, flashlights and other gear bowhunters want to take with them into the field.  The bow case comes with a detachable shoulder strap so they can be carried by the handles or thrown over the shoulder.

“The ScenTote bow case was designed to help bowhunters keep their bows odor free, protect their bows and keep their favorite gear and accessories organized so when they need them they can find them quickly and easily.  Nobody wants to spend extra time looking for their favorite release or grunt tube when they should be hunting.  A ScenTote bow case will help bowhunters solve multiple problems,” Russ Strong, ScenTote President said.

All ScenTote products are easy and convenient to use which makes staying in the ScenTote storage circle simple. ScenTote products provide scent elimination, protection and organization which equals success.

The ScenTote bow case compliments an extensive line of odor-eliminating storage products including the ScenTote Travel Bags, Field Bag and Hard Tote.  To learn more go to:

ScenTote’s R3 technology helps keep the clothes inside the ScenTote product scent free. What does R3 technology mean? The carbon web Releases carbon granules, it can be Recharged in a clothes dryer, and it can be Reused.

ScenTote virtually eliminates odor and substantially reduces the chance of being detected.

Submitted by: Tracy Breen