Hang-On Buddy Universal Treestand Mounting System

Limited stands with multiple stand sites and you want to stay mobile?  Want to make hanging a heavy stand easier?  Landowner doesn’t want tree damaged by hanging stands?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Hang-On Buddy from Predator Innovations is for you.

I pride myself on being mobile and able to slip into a stand site with minimum noise.  If I find a new area to hunt and want to slip in and be quiet, I now look forward to using the Hang-On Buddy.

Hanging a stand can be a little noisy when you need both hands because many of my concealed stand sites use larger trees.  For example my father-in-law has a six acre track that a few large bucks use for cover.  A fence row between his property and the neighbors is a perfect place to hang a stand.  I have a big white oak tree that is within a few yards of the property line on my father-in-laws side.  Bad thing about this is the neighbor isn’t a big fan of hunting so in the past I had to either conceal my stand or remove it after every hunt.  The big oak requires most of the strap to get around on my stand, which can be a daunting task when sneaking in for an early morning hunt.  Thanks to the Hang-On Buddy I can now easily hang the stand and remove at the completion of my hunt.  Now I know I can slip in whenever I want without the fear of my stand either missing or damaged.

The best feature about the Hang-On Buddy is the weight.  At just under a pound and a half it is a breeze to hang.  It is much easier to hang a one pound compact support Mounting Bracket compared to a stand that may weigh up to 18 pounds.  Once the bracket is hung and secured to the tree I pull my treestand up and lower the other part of the Hang-On Buddy, the hooks that are bolted to my stand, into the bracket.  No fumbling with securing a ratchet strap while trying to hold a treestand in place.  Now when I leave I can also take the stand with me to keep dishonest people from stealing it. I also know the next time I go in I can slip in and hang the stand quickly and quietly.

The second feature is the engineering put into the design.  The rock solid design features a double hook system which attaches to either single post or double post designed treestand.  I utilize several different types of stands and the Hang-On Buddy can be used on any of them.

The Mounting Base is rugged and made from 1/8” steel plating.  When ratcheted to the tree the four contact points are solid and have been tested to over 1400 pounds.  The hook system is made from 1/8” cold rolled steel and designed with multiple mounting holes that allow it to be used on essentially any hang on treestand.  What limits a treestand is the distance between the support posts.  On a single post unit the narrowest is approximately one inch whereas a two post system the largest distance between the posts, either inside or outside is 5 inches.  On a two post system the mounting hooks can either be used on the inside or outside of the post, which ever falls within the five inch maximum.

Setting the stand in place in the Mounting Base is simple and secured by inserting the Locking Safety Pin

The hooks are secured to a single post treestand post by way of four stainless mounting bolts with locking washers.  On a double post treestand, a pair of U-bolts are used to secure the hooks to each post.  The great thing about the hook plate is that is has multiple rigid hole alignments to ensure a secure fit on multiple stand manufacturers.  I am using the system on both a single post Lone Wolf and double post Big Game treestands.  Once the hooks are in place a retention pin slides through the base and hook system adding an extra security feature. The retention pin uses a small cable and clip system so the clip cannot be lost .  This is a nice feature, especially when out in the predawn woods.

The stand I used for my testing was a 2008 model Lone Wolf Alpha which utilizes a single support post.  Before attaching the hook plates I needed to remove the bolt on V bracket as well as the upper strap on support that came with the stand.  The Hang-On Buddy system will be used in place of these attachments.  Using the four supplied 7/16” bolts and lock nuts I had no problems securing the locking hook plates onto the stand.  The multi-mount hole system made for easy positioning and alignment of the hook plates.

After this I was ready to secure the mounting base to the tree.  I did this step for testing at about four feet off the ground.  First I wanted to familiarize myself with the system and second was for safety sake until I was satisfied with the total Hang-On Buddy System.  The Mounting Base uses one ratchet strap in conjunction with two mounting holes on each side.  Placing the Mounting Base against the tree I fastened the two hooks on either end by hooking them into the mounting holes.  Once in place I took up the slack in the strap and secured the base to the tree with the ratchet strap.  I would like to point out that the strap hooks of the ratchet system are shaped to pull the mounting base flush and even into the tree.  The four contact points are shaped in such a way to alleviate any harm to the tree.  Once secure the stand is ready to set in place.

I recommend positioning the ratcheting clasp on the back of the tree 180 degrees from the base.  This position allows for equal pull on the straps onto the base plate.  I find that if the ratchet clasp are next to the base it has a tendency to place more pressure on the nearest contact point.  This is a tendency of all ratchet strap systems and comes from over 30 years of experience using hang on stands.

Setting the stand in place is very easy, safe and simple.  I position the treestand over the base and lean the top back so that the hook plates are above the base.  Next lower the hook plate onto the base so the hooks slide down behind the baseplate.  This will secure the stand onto the plate.  To make sure that the hooks are secured all the way into the baseplate fold the treestand platform up all the way.  When the hook plates are seated completely the points on the back of the hook plate will fit into the notch on the base plate.  The next step is to insert the retention pin through the hooks and both mounting base support holes.  Secure the retention clip with the attached clip.  The final step is to lower the treestand platform and attach the lower strap if available.

I am a true believer in the Hang-On Buddy System.  I feel so confident that this system is going to help me on those hard to get to places that I have ordered an additional Pro-Pack and Outfitter Pack.  I look forward to using the Hang-On Buddy at my father-in-laws six acre honey hole as well as a couple others this fall.

Design:  9.5 out of 10 – The Hang-On Buddy is a well thought out hunting aid for any archer.  The simple yet effective design was well thought out and makes me wonder why I hadn’t thought of it. The four pressure point design virtually eliminates tree damage while effectively providing a safe and secure anchor.  The retention pin and clip system adds extra safety and the cord system makes losing the clip impossible.

Quality:  9.0 out of 10 – The all steel construction of the base and hook plates should last many years.  The ratchet strap system should be inspected yearly if the base plate is left in place.

For more go to: Hang-On Buddy.

2 Responses to "Hang-On Buddy Universal Treestand Mounting System"

  1. Africaman   2013/07/16 at 3:31 pm

    Where can you buy one of these things?

  2. Rich Walton   2013/07/19 at 6:44 pm

    this was a great product but sadly they just couldn’t get it going so they are no longer in production. Wish I had better news because it was a good product designed by two really good guys.