Chummed Up Waterholes

Sponsored By C’Mere Deer.

Hey, it’s summertime! It’s Hot! It’s time to chum up some waterholes with the C’Mere Deer and Michael’s Buck Juice. In most regions of the US it’s very hot and dry, which means those bucks in the velvet are frequenting water sources several times a day. We at C’Mere Deer are either chumming small water holes or making some of our own.

Check out the video clips labeled “REDZONE” to see how the deer are responding to the water holes chummed with C’Mere Deer liquid. The results have been absolutely crazy!

Ivan Hawthorne with another trophy buck brought to you by C'Mere Deer.

We’ve been burying watering pans and basins from level with the ground, then filling them with 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate C’Mere Deer liquid and the deer have been all over them! You can find the water pans and basins we use at most feed and seed, pet supplys, lawn and garden, hardware or farm and ranch stores or use any type bucket or pail that does produce profuse plastic odors. Use only new are perfectly clean containers, chum them with water and C’Mere Deer liquid as we’ve advised and you’ll get photos and video clips galore!

We’re also getting a lot of trail camera events with our C’Mere Deer Powder and 3 Day Harvest, they’re killing it!

Keep up with our success as well as sharing your own with us on our weekly updated “REDZONE video clips. and watch 2008 action recorded from the new “Leaf River IR7 SS Game Camera” that not only delivers ultimate quality videos but records and delivers the audio sounds of nature that we’ve all been missing, taking your scouting to a whole new level! As I’ve said; click on REDZONE and see for yourself!

Great hunting usually comes from great scouting, preparation and approach!

God Bless you and your hunting,

I hope to see you in great outdoors!

Ivan Hawthorne Mr. C’Mere Deer