Silent Gobbler

It was 2 pm.  The temperature was rising and the south wind blowing 20+ mph.  It was late-May and I had a turkey tag burning a hole in my pocket.  It’s time to get serious!  I made my way to my favorite spot consisting of many large oak trees.

Taking my time, I got the blind up and decoys out.  I sat down on my Rack Pack, took a drink from my water bottle and wiped the sweat from my brow.  Several loud yelps and cuts from my box call were falling on deaf ears.  I heard nothing, not even a crow!

Two hours passed; about every 20 minutes I would do some yelping, with no response.  I knew birds were in the area and that they may be having a hard time hearing me over the wind, so I decided to get a little more aggressive cutting and yelping loudly.  I set the call down confused, usually these birds will at least shock gobble at something.

I passed some time reading, when suddenly I heard crunching on the leaves.  It sounded like a deer to me, but when I peeked out the back of the blind I saw a big gobbler fanned out and heading my way!

He had that look in his eye and wasted no time strutting right up to my jake decoy.  He strutted around it for a few minutes, not paying much attention to the hen.  As he spun away from me, I drew.  Now at full draw, with the gobbler still relaxed, it was all in my hands.  I took my time and let the green pin settle on the gobbler’s head, only 6 steps away!  I squeezed the trigger…  lights out!  Perfect head shot with a  Victory arrow.  The gobbler was dead on contact!

It always amazes me how fast things can happen when you least expect them.  Three minutes before that gobbler came, I was thinking it was going to be a bust for the day.  Calling had produced no response and I did not hear any distant gobbles, but I knew it was a good area.  Then out of the blue, crunchy leaves gave this big tom away.  My advice: sit tight!  You never know what can happen.

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