Video Review: Archery Fit

Article by Keith Dunlap – April 3, 2007
Edited by Stanley Holtsclaw – April 6, 2017

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Archery Fit: Strengthening Tips from the Pros is a video guide to archery strengthening and injury prevention featuring some of the top names in the industry. Hear training tips from top professional archers, master coaches and international bowhunters. You will also see great archery exercises and workout routines from the pros-guaranteed to improve your bow holding power!

– Video Review –

I received the ‘Archery Fit: Strengthening Tips from the Pros‘ video by Bowfit LLC in the mail and popped it into the DVD player with the intention of evaluating the content of the video. As I began to watch this video, it became apparent to me very quickly that it contains a host of big names in bowhunting and archery and it contains a wealth of great information on how to strengthen the right muscles for shooting your bow and preventing injuries while doing so. I did not anticipate the education that I subsequently received!

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced some aches and pains associated with pulling too much poundage without warming up first. In fact, I would venture to say that you’ve either experienced yourself, or know someone that has experienced serious shoulder injury due to shooting a bow. Let’s face it, we bowhunters like to grab our bow, flex our muscles, and pull 70+ pounds back without so much as warming up or giving any consideration to exactly what we are doing to our muscles and tendons in the process.

We practice during the summer leading up to the fall hunting season, some of us even shoot year round?but do we exercise the right muscles and joints necessary to prepare us for grabbing our bows when a deer approaches in 30 degree weather after sitting in a stand all day? ‘Archery Fit’ has the answers that will prevent injury in cases just like this. It also teaches exactly what muscles and joints are being utilized and worked hard when we draw our monster bows back each time. In addition, “Archery Fit” teaches proper warm-up and stretching techniques that we should follow prior to shooting our bows?both compound bow shooters and traditional bow shooters.

‘Archery Fit’ is a compilation of experienced bowhunters and competitive shooters that share their experiences and their techniques for staying fit and preventing injury. Keith Beam, of Double Bull Archery, also provides some information that is helpful for shoulder rehab in the case of previous injury. Dave Cole, of BowFit, is a physical therapist and bowhunter. He explains the four common causes of archery injury and offers tips on how to avoid them. He also demonstrates proper stretching techniques and simple exercises for a great archery workout. I won’t go into detail about each segment/chapter of the video, you can read more detailed information on the ‘Archery Fit’ website.

The use of the Bowfit Archery Exerciser is promoted and explained throughout the “Archery Fit” video. I’ve had a Bowfit Archery Exerciser for several years now, but I quickly realized that I have never used it properly. This became apparent to me as I watched the video. As a result of watching ‘Archery Fit’, I now have several exercises that I do with my Bowfit archery exerciser in order to strengthen the correct muscles and joints necessary for shooting a 70+ pound bow on a regular basis. I have to say, for just 10 minutes per night of exercises, I am already noticing a difference in the amount of strain on my muscles when I draw my bows.

Suffice it to say that the ‘Archery Fit’ video has really helped me to better understand the strain I put on my muscles and joints each time I pull a bow back?and to use the recommended exercises and stretches to prevent injury. I’m glad to have evaluated this video because I am now better informed and I realize how important regular exercise and warm-ups are before I shoot my bow.

– Conclusion –

In summary, this video is extremely helpful to us archers who want to prevent injuries to our shoulders or backs as a result of shooting our bows. Whether you are a bowhunter, target shooter, using a compound bow or traditional equipment?applying the techniques presented in the “Archery Fit” video will help you to prevent injury and strengthen the right muscles for shooting your bow. As stated at the beginning of the video, it is recommended that you consult a physician prior to doing any exercise program, especially if you are experiencing pain. I recommend that every serious bowhunter and competitive shooter watch the “Archery Fit” video and put into practice the information provided. In my opinion, you’ll be far less prone to injury if you do.

Video Chapters:

  1. Introduction by Tom Nelson
  2. Randy Ulmer: Strengthening program to increase draw weight
  3. Dave Cole: Common archery injuries and prevention tips
  4. Keith Beam: Shoulder rehab using the BOWFIT Archery Exerciser
  5. Brenda Valentine: Strengthening women and young archers
  6. Archery Warm-up and Stretches
  7. Archery Exercises
  8. Dwight Shuh: Shoulder and back workout tips
  9. Master Coaches, George Chapman & Alexander Kirillov: Back tension training tips
  10. Joella Bates: Training to bow hunt dangerous game
  11. G. Fred Asbell: Traditional archery strengthening tips
  12. Conclusion and Sponsor information

Video Specifications:

  • DVD
  • Run time: approximately 71 minutes

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