Is the Balcom Bow Sling Still Available?

While looking over some statistical data for the website regarding post popularity, I found an article by Linda Burch from way back in May 2006 regarding Balcom Bow Slings, and where they could be purchased. Oddly enough it looks like the article was started, not completed, and yet was live on the website all this time and still receiving traffic.

So if the article was still receiving traffic, there must be interest in the product, and it seemed simple enough to at least look up where they were available and post a link as this is the information age is it not?

However; as I soon discovered, easier said than done apparently…

A quick Google search showed relatively hits, one thread from 2014 from the forums on Bowsite, suggested that Schaffer Archery owned the brand but was no longer producing the product and suggested eBay as an option. I did manage to somewhat confirm that with this post at Archery Talk that had a link to the product at Schaffer Archery but that link is no longer active.

So it does appear that the Balcom Bow Sling is no longer being manufactured and could be fairly difficult to find as even my search at eBay for ‘Balcom Bow Sling‘ turned up a big ‘ole Goose egg.

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