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  • Archery Trade Show: We cover the ATA show and lots of the new archery & bowhunting products for 2005.
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    January 20-21 - Woops! I messed up!
    News about ... the Freak. GO

    ATA Archery Trade Show 2005
    To 2005 ATA Show Home Page

    NEW New Bows, Part #3
    BladeRunner, Mathews, Genesis & more. GO...
    more New Bows, Part #2 
    More new model bows for 2005. To Part #2...
    the New Bows, Part #1 
    The new model bows for 2005 from 11 bow companies. (More coming.)  To Part #1...
    More Show Pics (#3)

    Another thumbnailed gallery of exhibitors and people at the show. Show Pics #3... 
    Part 7 - New Products
    WildTech, Scott, Muzzy, Eastman, Trophy Taker, Beeman, Double Bull and more. Part 7...
    Part 6 - New Products
    Cranford's EZY Tree Steps, AZ Rim, Bow Sling blind, RAM Products and more. Part 6...
    Part 5 - New Products
    TRU-FIRE, Limbsaver, Crimson Talon, Rynoskin, Tink's, Toxonics, Cobra and more. Part 5...
    Part 4 - New Products
    New from EZE-Eye, Tiger Tuff, Tru-Fire and many more. Newest arrows form Easton, Beeman & Carbon Express. Part 4...
    Part 3 - More 2005 Products... 

    Deer Aging Tool, PlotSpike Seeds, Hammer Bow Hangers, Golden Key Futura's New Captivator, and lots more. Part 3...
    Part 2 - Still More New Products

    Part 2 - Renzo's decoys, Buzz-Cut and AfterShock broadheads, treestand safety systems, and plenty more.  Part 2...
    Part 1 - New Products...
    Comments on the new products we took special notice of  for 2005. Check out the new Rodeo bow, camo gum, High tech camo clothes, and lots more. New Products, Part 1...

    More Show Pictures...

    Exhibitors and people at the show. Gallery #2
    At The Show

    Doug Besherse reports in on the new broadheads by Magnus and Rocky Mountain Broadheads. And he talks to Neet Products and Morrell Targets on their newest and best products for 2005. Doug Besherse Report #1


    One of our projects every year is to get pictures of the archery and bowhunting companies booths and products. Here is Gallery #1

    The New Poducts Photo Section features 190 new archery & bowhunting products on display. Check out the new stuff. To New Products...

    2004 Deer Hunt
    Daily Logs & Pictures
    2004 Deerhunt HOME PAGE
    December's Hunt Was All Good 
    The pieces of the puzzle all come together

    In December the deer, bucks and myself spent the last month of season in my PlotSpike Food Plot. I ran electric cords and a phone line out to my Double Bull blind and made live updates during the day -- with pics. Dec Hunt...

    Follow the sightings and pics of the Freak buck, Big Boy 9, & Broken Tine, day by day. GO...

    Deerhunt- November

    Daily Hunt Logs and Pictures put online day by day as the hunt continues. November Hunt & Pics..

    Hunting The Ohio Rut
    Bowhunting With Crabby
    Home Page of Ohio Bowhunt

    The Duck and I bowhunt the big buck country of Ohio during the rut with Dennis Crabtree (Crabby), Pip and others. Here are the daily Hunt Logs & Pics.

    Making Cool Arrows Fast

    I like to make arrows up 4 or 6 at a time so yesterday I fixed up the arrows I want to use at the hunt at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch. It was easy and only took 15 minutes, here's how I did it so fast. Making Cool Arrows Fast...

    Scouting For Deer 2004
    Scouting For Deer 2004 Home Page

    Scouting all year long, from the first buck in velvet, the first fawn sighting, and bucks with thheir antlers growing ... all this year.

    2004 Bear Bowhunt In Ontario

    2004 Bear Hunt Home Page
    Who Has Their Bear So Far?
    Watching the Bears 24 Hours A Day
    Bears From A Ground Blind

    4x4 Grand Slammer of 2004
    TO HOME PAGE of 4x4 Grand Slammer...

    Four bowhunters go for their online wild turkey Grand Slam, in the 2004  Spring season.
    Follow, day by day, with lots of pics,  Doug Crabtree, Fred Lutger, Tony Dukes and Robert Hoague on this Spring's adventure as we hunt wild turkey in Florida, South Dakota, Texas, Illinois and Ohio. 
    TO the hunts for the: Osceola, Rio #1, Rio #2, Merriam's, Eastern, and Who Got The Grand Slam? (the pictures)

    January 2005 News
    You heard it here first!

    2005 NWTF Convention Dates & Events
    Everything we need to know about the upcoming National Wild Turkey's 29th Convention. 

    Next Stop, The Big One.
    Single-Arrow Elephant, by Rassie Erasmus - In The Dark Continent - He always wanted to hunt “the big one”, Nature’s age-old path forger who never forgets. The Elephant.

    Fred's bucks get big, big & bigger
    So How Did Fred Lutger Do This Deer Season? - Fred's bucks get Big, Big & Bigger on his hunts in the Illinois Golden Triangle.
    $25,000 In Prizes At Midwest 3-D Archery Tournament - Here are the details of the March 19 & 20 3-D shoot in Cole Camp, Missouri. Sponsors SPQ Adventure Race - invites Sunday, Jan 23 televisio viewers to download or view the maps used by the SPO afventure race.
    Post Season Deer Scouting, by T.R. Michels - Scouting, observing and patterning deer after hunting season means less time doing it before the next season.
    Strengthening The Shoulders, by Dan Biehl - Exercises that will improve accuracy -- resulting in better shot placement -- and it guards against arthritis.
    DOGS, by John Keltgen
    Hunting dogs are the epitome of the phrase, "Mans best friend."
    Bowhunting For TV, by Roy Keefer
    Roy gets the nod to be on the Relentless Pursuits show and finds it isn't as easy as it looks on TV.
    Africa--Don’t Dream it--DO IT!
     by Joe Byers - From the pages of Bowhunting World - Dreaming of Africa? Don't just dream. Joe Byers tells you how to do it.
    Steve Bartylla - Day 3
    Illinois Bowhunt, Day 3 by Steve Bartylla - Finding a pinch that looks good Steve decides to hunt all day. Until antlers caught his eye. 
    Illinois Bowhunt, Day 1 & 2, by Steve Bartylla - Steve reports in on the beginning of his trophy buck hunt at Performance Outdoors. 

    Big Buck Kandi
    Meet Women Bowhunter Kandi Kisky
    With a trophy room to make every bowhunter proud, Kandi is featured in Women Bowhunters.
    Scent-Lok Bowhunt, by Cindy Braun
    Cindy was aware of Scent-Lok but I couldn't justify spending the money "when she was skeptical of how it would work anyway". When she finally bought a suit she got a big surprise.
    2005 REMATCH: Aberta B&C Black Bears!
    Join Roy Goodwin in Alberta on this unique bowhunt for B&C black bears.
    Steve Bartylla's Seminar Appearances in 2005 - Learn how to hunt better, don't miss Steve's Seminars at a Deer Classic near you.
    We Have A Winner Of December Sweepstakes - The 2nd entry selected wasted no time in claiming their prizes.
    from the Double Bull Ground Blind Forum
    When hunting whitetails from a ground blind follow the 50/100 rule and score more often.
    Enter Our January Sweepstakes - Enter for your chance to win 33 great archery and bowhunting prizes from today's top companies. 
    Trail Timer 'Shot In The Dark', by Ron Schara of the Minneapolis Star & Tribune
    When you aren't there the Trail Timer is.
    EVALUATION: INNERLOC EXP 100 Grain 3-Blade Mechanical Broadhead, by Jon E. Silks - Is the EXP "the next great stride" in expandable broadheads. After testing them Jon says yes, and here is why.
    Bitter Cold Bucks, by Ray Howell - A most productive time for taking large white tails is in the bitter cold months of December & January.
    Filling the Void, by Lisa Metheny  - Getting the word out about the new World Classics Scoring System for trophies.
    EVALUATION: Easton Axis Arrows, by Dave Conrad - Dave Conrad sees if the slim new AXIS with H.I.T. Technology makes the grade for bowhunters.

    Way to go Dennis
    Dennis & The Brady BowTech Buck, by Don "The Duck" Beckwith - When the Duck calls them both in big gobblers Dennis Schirato gets interested in bowhunting ... and does good.

    Half of the day's catch
    So How Is Morgan Dobbins Doing This Season? 13 year old Morgan goes hunting with his friend Doug Crabtree and puts it all together.
    Time stood still for Johm Klus & his dad
    Record Mule Deer With Dad - by John Klus - The event was not special because the animal died; but because I was with my father.

    Where Are Those Mule Deer?
    Scouting For Mule Deer Bucks,  by Steve Byers - It's a first step on a successful hunt. Steve Byers gives some great suggestions.. 
    Wisconsin Bow Hunt, by Dale Helgeson
    Sometimes using knowledge gained from years of hunting and listening to others you can be successful in a new area.
    December On
    December was an online hunt mega month and included pics and posts direct from the Food Plot blind. Plus lots of news, field tests and articles.
    FREE Bowhunting Video
    Ultimate bowhunting adventures video collection from Bowhunter magazine. Pay S&H of $4.95 and get 90 min video for free.

    A Bowhunter Making A Difference In Iraq - Daily Reports From Doug Besherse

    Iraq International Archery Competition 2004
    People of all ages came. Of many nationalities: Western, European, Middle Eastern, as well as Male & Female. They all had a good time ... in a not so good place. And bowhunter Doug Besherse reported daily to us from Iraq about this important moral boosting event.
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